Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kuih Raya vs Soalan Sains

Hi y'all.

So how was your hari raya? Mine was a special week full of food inputting without a single guilt HAHA. And seriously, the result was damn instant and soooo obvious.Im now a turn to be a complete fat cow!

Anyway I got lotsa hari raya wishes from friends everywhere. Mostly thru sms. Of coz, I prefer cards but hey, the thought that counts eh? Thanks a lot friends. But there was this one sms from my dear anonymous student which was very much unlikely than the other. See it started of something like this:

Anonymous student:Cikgu saya pass science test!!

Great teacher Anna (GTA)/Me: Oh, good for u congrats!Baru lah best nak beraya kan.

AS:Best cikgu, tapi kan saya ada satu soalan sains nak tanya la cikgu.Boleh tak?

I was like, whats wrong with this kid? I mean, you are suppose to stash your books (temporarily hehe) and stuff your tummy with food.Lotsa food.Not cramming your brain with this matter anymore.Haiyya.This person really was testing the credibility of a teacher which until now Im still unsure whether I hv it or not.But still, nak jaga ethics keguruan aku pun layan lah budak ni.Mana tau kan this person might come to be the next best student PMR next year thanx to me for entertaining his/her curiosity.So it continued something like this....

AS: Pasal stability. Macam mana nak kira kedudukan objek?

GTA: (Dumbstrucked.......Actually I do not know the answer to that, but it has something to do with some formula.Im quite sure about that.No Im confident !)Sorry dear, saya tak sure pasal tu. Tapi ada formula dia kan?Try tgk dlm buku rujukan ye!

AS: Okey, cikgu takpe. Saya ingat maybe cikgu ada cara yg lebih mudah. Saya kurang paham guna rumus tu.Selamat hari raya cikgu.

GTA: Okey.Selamat Hari Raya.

Pheeewwww....If you really don't know, just say so. Its okey.Ape ingat cikgu ni tau ke semua bende.Nak nak macm aku ni I pretend to look like I hv eveything on my fingertips LOL!

So have a nice hari raya all!


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