Sunday, October 15, 2006

Punching Bag

I have these few friends (should i call them friends anymore??) that always come to me and pour every single mean things just to make themselves feel better laa of course.

And putting yourself in my shoe, what would you think? I mean, on the bright side, yes maybe I am the one they turn to when they are down thank you, but come to think of it I can no longer take the harsh words coming out of their filthy mouth (hah! now I said it!).Are they actually mad at me? Or simply envy the new life I'm embarking right now.Hehe .Nonsense.

Anyway, seriously what should I do? Im not getting any credits for helping this kind of people. In fact I am left stressed out!I think those people, they taking advantage of my lineancy to the max.I cant take it anymore.I can no longer give excellent service.Poor me.The weary old punching bag.....

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