Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two to Tango

I hate him. I hate him not.Okay. Whatever. The thing is, I am sick of this never ending stupid game of his. Just as I expected, after a week A turns out to be a total stranger to me. Getting back to school was already the most dreaded thing I’d do and now him acting like weirdo??? I mean what’s with him anyway? I don’t see why he should pull the acts of not noticing me when I thought we’re cool with each other. Or so I thought…Was he been hypnotize when he texts me every other day? Was he not himself orrrr was it really not him sending me those stuff???

I mean if he really doesn’t like me he can simply spit it to my face? Okay la paling bodoh pun gimme some hints la like “Oh I still can not get over the fact that Siti married Datuk K sob..sob…”. Fine, I can accept that. But No! He had been all nice, super duper sweet the whole week, which I think would make any girl with sanity, you know like completely perasan la that this guy somehow fancy you. Haih..

Seriously why is he doing this to me? How could he? You see I don’t have enough time. I mean I have tonnes of very very important things ahead of me. My life is like a bullet train. I can no longer wait for anything. Okay, don’t get me wrong here. I am not as desperate as you think. I just wanted to save some time. I don’t like wasting time. Why wait if you can do it now. Bertangguh kerja itu kan amalan syaitan *cough cough* Really I do have a point here. Anyway, with all due respect, sorry to ask, do guys really this slow when it comes to this sort of matter ??

You know, my mum was kinda excited when she found out about A. She even got overreacted when she asked my permission to read texts sent by him. Haha funny mummy! Only that, she doesn’t know for him I only exist virtually…transparence…

I do not know what to think of him anymore. I am so pissed off. I even dragged Ina too far into this matter. She helps me a lot though…Well 3 weeks to go before I end my practical here. I think it’s best for me to just let time decide what’s going to be between us. Let nature take its course!

p/s: Ina, I like your idea. You know about the secret affair hehe…

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