Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Everytime I look at you I wish you look my way

And flash me that dazzling smile that really makes my day

But of course it's just a dream, a dream that won't come true

And for our requited love I wrote this song for u

I always think of how'd it be if we were together

You and me holding hands

I can picture it right now you and me

Its a dream, its a possibility

When I look out of my window I hope you look back at me

If only you could read my heart my loves are true you'll see

How empty my life would be if I don't have you

And for our requited love I wrote this song for you.... that me and A are getting along pretty well, all of a sudden Im not sure how I feel about him. Of course there hasnt been any confession made between us which means I also haven't a clue what he feels about me. See, the thing is I just do not want to repeat the same mistakes again. What if he isnt the one? Will I be wasting another several years?NOOOWAY!!!!

Anyway, so far he nvr fails to text me everyday :D. Sweeet.That is somewhat worth waiting heheh...Well, he seems like a nice person. No, he's not. He annoys me a lot.Very irritating.And still, I like it. Hhhmmm. I think maybe I'll give myself and him a chance to get to know each other before I make my BIG decision. Boy, this lovey dovey thingy really is giving me a headache!

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