Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tiada Lagi Rahsia

Okey. So he did asked me out. And we went out. A few times already. Each time we went out we will definitely bumped into someone from school. Be it a student, teacher, the hostel keeper....U name it.Why is Melaka so small eh?

At first I was a bit gelabah coz, ye lah kan. Orang dtg sini nak buat practical aku buat keje lain heheh...Anyway, multitasking is my expertise heheh...As I was saying, juicy gossips travel faster than I thought and suddenly we were the talk of the town! It was hotter than Siti-Datuk K. Even hotterer than Ina-Mawi. This time its Anna-Amzari. Already a teacher celebrity @ school (perasan), I feel like on top of the world. LOL!

The good news is, everybody was kinda excited for him actually. Mana tak nye, bertahun-tahun everybody was like trying to matchmake him with their own choices semuanya dia reject. Suddenly, I came into the picture. And he was the one who approached me at first, made some conversation, asked me out bla bla bla...although I was the one who had a lil crush on him at the first place. But he never knew! Okey, I planned to tell him this but that wasnt the main important point here was it not??

He even at his crazy + idiotic moment, proposed to me at wee hour. Yup. He proposed guys! I was already tucking myself in to bed when he called. And what do you think I did? Panick-stricken, brain-freezing, I told him that I wasnt ready. Yeah, go on, you might as well called me stupid, but I was telling the truth! Yes, I've been waiting for him to blurt that phrase out but not this early! Not when all I knew about him was his name. Fullstop.To my biggest relief he was cool about that. He even apologized for the rush. He shouldnt have done that. Sweeeeet...

Am I in love? Wink..wink...Sure! I am addicted to him!I dont care less about what people think of me. All i know I am happy. I never felt this happy for the last several yeras.I am also VERY GLAD that we have everybody's blessings. Its a rare scene for me to see this going on but hey, everyday is a lot meaningful for me these days!!

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