Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Super Sensitive

Did i ever mention that I used to be a very sensitive person?

Apparently I still am, ppffftttt......

I can not watch a soap opera (which I heart hehe!) and witnesses some tragic event or else I'll get carried away easily. I also can not listen to a romantic love song (which I also heart hehe!) or else I'll get carried away too!

I should stop watching and listening to these kind of thing coz they are sinking my brain slowly. And I can not mess around with my emotion, so I might as well stop provoking them.They'll always win I know!

So, recently this super emotion is conquering half of my rationality, which is bad enough fer my health. Oh God, what have I done to myself? I must stop abusing myself. Self abusing is a sin y'know??

The thing is, my mind is distracted. And yet, over a small thing. I cannot think straight. Is getting married a small thing to ponder about? I dunno. Maybe I'll just drop this subject fer say, a year. Then lets see what will happen next year? I promise I'll give it a thought by that time hehe...

I know, running away isnt going to solve anything. Facing the issue is the only way. Okay, I will try to find ways to get rid of this stuff off my head. I had enough. Its hurting me already. Its not that hard. I just have to tell them I do not want them. They can go and pick other pretty girls scattering around the world. Hah! That wasnt so hard at all!

I can do this, right? Right???

I'll bring this to an end.

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