Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ms Match Pt.2

This matchmaking thingy is getting rather freakier than I thought.

See, recently a lecturer wants to introduce me to some guy. Again, Im sooo not interested.Where have all the girls gone??Why me??

Sheeeeeshhh...it really baffled me now and then...

I mean, where these bloody people came from??

I can't keep on giving lame, stupid excuses and keep rejecting them everytime without any concrete reason!Heck, they only wanted to get to know me right?Right?? So, there should be no reason for me to get fret is there??

Help!!Aku bingung!!

And the word "what goes around, comes around", or "what u give, u get back" keep on chanting wildly in my brain....God!What have I done....

And then came this one guy from...I dont care less, keeps popping up everywhere I go...and I mean everywhere I go!

What a bad coincidence or let me rephrase that as weird coincidence, that we were at the same place at the same time.Oh, pleaseeeee.....dont tell me, I just hate de javu's!!!

Completely annoys me!

Apa sudah jadi ni?

Apa sudah jadi kepada aku??

Now what??

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