Sunday, April 23, 2006

Of the Unknown Whereabout

a few weeks back, i experienced something apparently i had on my mind lately before the incident. as usual me and kak aie were travellling back to melaka after spending the sweet short weekend at home.we were just chatting away (oh, alright...of coz we were gossipping!there, i admit it!! also, as usual as soon as we hit the road when suddenly the car engine stopped abruptly...

so, my car brokedown...of coz one thing for sure was, i got panicked as usual, but luckily i hv kak aie whom always act cool hehe.. poyo lah...mestilah panik giler...already i had this imagination of some road bullies doing something horrible to us, or some stupid driver got sleepy and ram the monstrous looking trailer of theirs over us..eeeiii takut seh!!

and these were our actual initial conversation immidiately after the car came to a halt

anna: so what r we gonna do next?

kak aie: call the PLUS RONDA

anna: eerrr...should we get out of the car (picturing some drunk/sleepy monstrous trailer driver ramming us over)

anna: kak, where exactly are we?

kak aie: jap eh.. (while checking out her handphone)kat hp ni ckp maokil

anna: maokil? where the heck is maokil????

anna n kak aie:???????????????

.....and the rest as they say is history eheh...

but later on, i found out that kak aie got even more freaked out than i was, hah!!!anyway, something told her that maokil is located somewhere in muar...and being stranded in the middle of the higway provided that it was around dawn at that time being...talking about wrong time at the wrong place!guys, go figure!

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