Friday, April 2, 2010

The school is no more a safe place...

Oh, I am so angry right now regarding the incident from yesterday. While all the teachers were having meetings with the VIPs some scoundrels students well, maybe he/she acted alone, stole a laptop from teachers staffroom.

Strange the laptop was missing due to the fact that this colleague of mine put it in a bag, no way a student could suspect a valuable thing like a lappy was inside. Unless...

And funny that mine was also barenakedly there and they didnt just take it. If they really wanted a lappy la kan. Clearly they were ransacking the bag. Poor her... I mean the staffroom are suppose to be a private area for teachers. This incident is far from our wildest imagination.

I do not believe that kids nowadays would go to that extent of behaviour. God, we are their teachers! To some student we know them way better than their parents do. We care about their future. And this is the way they pay their respects?

Now tell me what else could teacher do wrongs??

Its sickening...

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