Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do dreams come true??

I was smiling upon waking up this morning and feeling so alive (and thank God Im still breathing) because of a dream. Not just an ordinary dreams but this one is the best I ever had. Finally she, the one who makes my life so miserable and transforming the school into a complete living hell has been transfered some place else.

Damn it felt so good!! Oh, seriously as Im writing this, I still can picture vividly how I was celebrating during her last day. Although it happened only in my dream but heck it was a wonderful feeling!!

Being at peace without nobody watching me, without anybody telling me that it is against the law to be as klutz as I am (oh really that is normal me) is one of the top in my wish list.

I wonder when this particular dream of mine will actually come true? Fingers crossed!!

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