Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Blues

This year would be the third year of our marriage and yet its still the two of us. I know everyone in my family were anxious waiting for the tiny feet to pop out since like, well since the few months after we got married.
But unfortunately, after so many years (well at least to me) beyond my intention to let anybody down still no sign of the new person to appear. I was a little depressed of course but only when people shove me with the baby related questions or statements. After sometimes my depression went to the extent of annoyance to hear people make fun of us not knowing how to make babies. Inside I was swearing so hard that the kids they are having now, would be the last one popping out from their private parts. Well, just so they now how painful it is to want to conceive so badly but u cant. Yup I am that vindictive.

Nway, no fret darls coz all the thoughts were only my imaginations. Its all in my head. I can assure you guys I will never give up and will wait my whole life for my baby.

To baby, wherever you are mummy and daddy are so eager to meet you. Please dont keep us waiting that long. We haven't got that much time you know huhu...

Do pray for us you peeps out there k!

My only niece Syahmina

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