Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happily Ever After

Alhamdulillah. Both sides punye wedding reception all went well. Big thanks to my families and all who has been working round the clock to make sure our big day went as smooth as planned.

I just celebrated my 1 month anni last Monday. I was like, dah sebulan jadi bini orang?? Kih kih kih...

So people keep asking how 's life now that I am married? Of course la much more happier! Hubby lagi la kene tanya soalan-soalan yang x-rated...Kesian dia...Apelah orang-orang nih...Takde soalan lain ke?

I would also like to convey a special thanks to my two bestfriends who came all the way down south hanya untuk menemaniku di saat-saat akhir zaman bachelorettehoodku hehe...Thank you sooo much Nid and Adila.You both are the greatest.By the way korang punye balang kerepek dah habis belum ;p

And also to all my friends from around Malaysia, thank you for coming. You guys really made my day!!

But something happen a few days before my big day which made me sooo upset. The words that came out from a family of mine was really hurtful. Yes, I may forgive that person for being so immature (No, you are being so stupid donkey!)but really, to be frank Im not good at the term FORGIVE AND FORGET.No, I'll never forget each and every single word, the face gestures and the cynical voice that person threw at me. Im sorry.

Just so you know, what goes around comes around. What you give you will get back.Im not asking for anything.Let God sort it out for me. Hanya Tuhan yang mampu membalas segala perbuatannya itu.I will try the hardest not to be so vindictive.Anyway you are insane.

Moving on. I will try my best to be a good wife to my darling hubby and an affectionate mummy to my future children.

Pray only the best for both of us ya!

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Anonymous said...

All praises to Allah for making everything to follow as planned.. Congratulations to both of you.. :)


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