Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hide n Seek

There's this one bunch of students who never fails to salam n cium my hands whenever they stumbled into me. At first I was like, Oh bagusnya budak ni. Ade jugak yg still respect cikgu. Sejuk perut ibu mengandung

But things are getting a little bit weird when everytime and I mean everyyyyytime we bumped into each other they would reach out for my hands and do their thing. Don't get me wrong here but I find it uneasy and... okey, yes they annoyed me.

So, for the last two weeks I tried not to expose myself to them. I even turned around when I see them from afar walk to another longer route to my next class just to avoid them. HAHA.God, sangat jahatnyer aku sebagai seorang teacher!!

Some of my colleagues pun even noticed this students punyer perangai yg mcm over excited bile jumpe aku. They went like, Oh cikgu baru n lawa je diorang nak salam. Memilih....Sheeesh!! I mean take. Be in my shoes and take all my place for I need some peace here.

Seriously saya sudah tidak tahan dgn mereka yg suke sgt tagging me along whenever I go. They even wait for me to arrive at school and will take all my bags and stuff (even my handbag, but I refuse to give laa!!) and put them on my desk. I can not run anymore!!!!!!

I mean, sekali sekala tu boleh la. Bayangkan sehari 5-6 kali jumpe dok nak salam2. Rimas seh!

To the aforementioned students, I am sorry for being such a terrible teacher. It was the profession who chose me. Not the other way round. Take it or.....well, you just have to take it guys. Im yours r. Muahahahha....

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