Sunday, June 25, 2006

Girl Interrupted NOOOOT!

A lecturer thinks i am a disturbed student. Disturbed??I was like whaat??? I mean, that was some serious s**t??

Okey fine, I was caught redhanded laa while daydreaming in class, hands down. The lecturer made me repeat the last sentence he spoke. Fiiuuuhh...luckily I didnt go far heh! But there was nothing wrong about daydreaming was there?? That doesnt make me some sort of a psycho right?? I was only practicing some escapisme method. Everybody does it once in awhile. Maybe I was overdoing it eh?

Nooo...actually I wasn't daydreaming then. I was thinking. I think a lot, I think hard. I even think when Im asleep. Eerrr I think....I guess thats why I wake up looking fatigue. Somehow I must find a way to overcome this. My processor is running 24-7!

On a separate note, I am a week away from my practicum. I'll be entering school as a trainee teacher. If you ask me, I have nothing to say. Ready?? I dont know. All I know is I wanted sooo much to get out of here. This place suck the happiness out of me instatly. Merciless. This place is a Dementor!

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